1.  In Miami lived a boy of 18 years old, named Robert, strong muscles, tall, clever with a lot of imagination. Blue penetrating eyes, brown short hair, who loved to read books and dreamt of having amazing adventures. Usually, he dreamt his fascinating dreams at night, but many times it was during the day.  He had a sister named Helen, 17 years old beauty, with a shaped body, blue big eyes like her brother, and long beautiful blond hair.  They lived with their parents in a house near the sea.  One day when Robert sat on his chair in his room, dreaming, she just stood near him, hearing strange voices coming from his open mouth.  Feeling afraid she pushed him causing him to wake up with unseeing eyes.  Frightened she wanted to push him again when Robert talked to her with a strange voice. “Helen, write down my adventure,”  Then his eyes closed again, but he talked to her, and she wrote everything he said including his strange voice and his frightening story.  Feeling strange as she herself was transferred into another place, she saw in her imagination what was occurring to her brother Robert the dreamer.
    Robert and Alfred were aboard the “Mary” the only survivors of the crew in a storm.
    Would they save themselves?
    They heard a sea battle between pirates and a merchant ship, will they be caught by the cruel pirates? will they reach an island to save themselves or die at sea?”

    Find out those, and more in the exciting and interesting story

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