Dan, Henry’s cousin got from him an amazing flying belt to be used to fly to many places in the world, after hard practicing with Henry in Miami, Florida.
Dan is a 13-year-old boy. Tall for his age strong and thin with short brown hair and blue wise eyes.
The flying belt consists of a machine that would be light and small enough so it could be worn around the waist. It was full of tiny electronic and mechanical devices to enable a maximum of two people to fly unlimited distances at different velocities and heights. It was powered by a special device that converted the sun’s energy into electricity. The user would never need to worry about any fuel for his flying belt. For balance, the belt generated air pockets around the user to allow him to sit, stand, or lie down while flying. Another crucial device was a special container tied on each side of the belt that pulled out and accumulated moisture from the air, It had many more devices - complicated and difficult to understand at first glance.
Dan participated in a voyage.
Which voyage?
With whom did he do it?
Dan helped the great man with his magic powers.
What were those Magic powers?
Dan’s life was in danger. By whom?
How did it happen?
There was a danger to the great man.
How did Dan help him out of it?

Find out in this book what happened and read about more events in this interesting and

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The Wonderful Voyages of Dan the Boy flyer