The book series “The Amazing Adventures of Mark and Elizabeth” takes you on a journey of epic proportions following Mark and Elizabeth, Liz for short, as they travel around the world. Mark a born leader is strong, clever, adventurous, and courageous for his ripe age of 18 years old. He has blue eyes like the sea, brown short hair, a strong jaw, long hands, and muscled long legs giving him a height of about 1,90 meters. His sister Liz had beautiful blue sparkling eyes, long blond hair, thin and with good shape, sometimes dreamy and frightened, but usually determined, clever, and courageous girl of 17 years old. They are from Miami, Florida, Neighbors of Henry and his sons, Paul, Tim, and Din (The heroes of the series, The Amazing Flying Belt). One day when they came to meet their friend Din (in a rare time when he was at home and not far away on his adventures.) they were also greeted by Henry Din’s father. who suggested they begin their first adventure for him, in return, they will get a boat and a flying belt each, the same he and his sons and their girlfriends use. If they succeed in those missions, the special boat and flying belts will become theirs. 
Mark and Liz sailed from Florida on their first voyage.

Read about it and other amazing events in this exciting story

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The amazing adventures of Mark and Liz